Video ads are coming to Pinterest

Pinterest is testing video ads to a small subset of users.

Your Pinterest experience is about to get richer and more interactive — with video ads, that is. Video ads have been a consideration for the company for almost a year, with the launch of Cinematic Pinsin May of 2015. Digiday reports that a small group of users are being given the ability to test video ads on the image-sharing platform. The company is also testing the video ad product internally.

Sources are saying that the videos autoplay when a user stops scrolling over them. The ideal video length is still being determined.

The video ads will not replace Cinematic Pins and is meant to complement them, the Digiday report states.

Video has been gaining tremendous momentum, with Facebook seeing 100 million hours of video watched a day, and many brands and publishers have been capitalizing on this, as well. Pinterest is definitely in a solid position to attract advertisers with its inclusion of video ads to its paid media activations.

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