Email marketing in the age of social media

September 8, 2016 Which is better: email or social? Columnist Scott Heimes explains why it doesn't have to be one or the other; your email marketing and social media efforts should go hand in hand. Social media has firmly cemented its place as a vital marketing tool and has evolved to be much more than just a platform for posting photos and sharing life updates. At the same time, email marketing has grown more important to marketers and has the highest return on investment of any channel. Both email marketing and social media have their strengths and benefits, and marketers need to focus on how to make the two work together rather than prioritizing one over the other. Email vs. social media

Email Marketing Best Practices: What We Learned in 2016

January 2, 2017 Emails are one of the greatest tools we have as marketers, but Email Marketing Best Practices are constantly evolving. To stay relevant to our subscribers, we must keep up with new trends and emerging technologies. Recently we talked How to Get Your Emails Opened and today we’re digging deeper into email marketing best practices with highlights from the year’s biggest email marketing trends: 1. Mobile Matters There was a huge shift in email marketing best practices in 2016 when it came to how subscribers read their emails. To grab your subscribers attention, you must know where to reach them and recent research says that’s on their mobile devices. In fact, 66% of all U.S. ema

Why Integrated Campaigns Should Always Include Email Marketing

With the opportunity to connect with target audiences via email, social media platforms, and other online outlets, companies have more ways than ever before to get their message in front of the right customers and prospects. From its reputation for high ROI to the ability to tie-in personalized content, email marketing offers unique, value-driven ways to deliver campaigns and allows marketers to connect with customers and drive revenue in a way that’s unparalleled. In this post, we explore why every integrated campaign should include email marketing. 1. Email delivers highest ROI of all channels For the most part, the email inbox is still sacred space. And because it’s not limited in exposur

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